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My Games Design Showreel 2019

A collection of all my work made at the prestigious NFTS (National Film and Television School)! Most of the 3D art work you see are all my own! Every Game was designed by myself, apart from the Games Jam's and the amazing "Call to Adventure" which I was Co-designer and was able to focus mostly on making all the 3D elements in the game.

Development Periods:
Home Together: 7 1/2 months, on own.
Call to Adventure: 2 Months, team of 2.
Lux Relay: 1 Month, on own.
Happy Hollow: 21 hours - UKie Games Jam Winner team of 5.
Scrap: 2 Months, team of 6.
The Chase: 4 weeks, on own.
The Cage: 28 hours - NFTS Games Jam